Saddest Day-Kitten Died Last Night :(((

I had decided to not write until I take my Korean test but now I’ve to write. I’ve to write to kill my pain, I’ve to write to feel better, I’ve to write to forget her that I can’t. She was just one month and few days older. I can’t express my pain in words. Words haven’t been helping. I took her pictures and made video last day. But I didn’t know that she was gonna leave me forever. I’ve many pics and videos of hers in my pc but I wont watch, I’ll never watch because I wanna forget her. I’m just imagining that shes in heaven right now and playing with other kittens. Today I cant feel what parents feel when their kids die. Even she wasn’t my kid but I’m feeling deep pain and missing her very very much.


2 thoughts on “Saddest Day-Kitten Died Last Night :(((”

    1. thanks. I do believe shes in a best place. Trust me I saw dream that shes healthier and happy 🙂 Long time. How you been? One of my cousins is in Germany on student visa. He said Germany is an awesome place 🙂

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