EPS TOPIK-So Close To Korea

In few days I’ll take EPS TOPIK. Wish me luck guys. Passing the test is first and must step. I’ve been studying Korean for 5 months. Now I know Korean a lil bit lol I’m not afraid about excited that I could make it happen. I could go to Korea to see a different society. I’ve heard a lot about South Korea and Korean people from our Korean instructor and returnees. They say that Korea is a lovely society full of nice Koreans. Peaceful and fantastic but just too populated. I request you guys to pray for my success that I’ll be telling you a good news about my Korean test. I’ve not been writing much because giving much to Korean because its hard to learn it. But also I’ve been loving to learn this strange but lovely language. I’m so close to my destination.


2 thoughts on “EPS TOPIK-So Close To Korea”

  1. wow im learning korean too!! I watch so many korean dramas, they help haha….SOUTH KOREA IS AWESOME! I have so many friends that went and they all enjoyed it! Great pick 🙂

    1. thank you very very much. I loved learning that sweet language and still I like look at it. I’m too excited about Korea thing. Have a great time there 🙂

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