Long Time…

Long time, I’ve not write something. I’ve not expressed my feelings, my thoughts and my activities. I was enjoying satisfaction and freedom which I had been passing through for months. Writing isnt easy. That makes you softer and easy to hurt so I kept away myself from that. In past days I’ve not watched movies much but one or two. Life wasn’t in control but now things are different. I’ve started to dream again. I’ve started to live again even still I need to be wishful and hopeful, still I’ve to find job and wait for Korea thing. Still I ll have to take medical check up for Korea in few days. After passing the check up I’ll be available to Korean employers. I’m very excited about that thing because it would be a turning point of my life. A result to my struggle of years. That’s not just five months struggle but it contains years, I’ve been doing my best but God always has right time to do things. Korea thing will open many doors such as love, relationship, job, freedom etc. I need your good wishes, guys. So don’t forget me in your prayers. Now you’ll see posts and movie reviews from me continuously.


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