Today I went Islamabad for necessary medical check up. I needed to be excited and relieved. I needed to be happy and pleased but right am feeling worst headache of my life. Today was a busy day. Traveling isnt easy thing in Pakistan. Whatever I’m supposed to be satisfied after a hard and rough day but feeling loneliness. I don’t have one to share my happiness but internet where I’ve some people with them I can share my joy. I believe that they would be happy for me. We all know that happiness increases when we share it and grief decreases when we share it. I couldn’t increase my joy. Something or much thing is missing. I need to take rest. I need some magic words. I need some care. But also I need to be grown that I could understand realities and facts that hurt.

Last night I was so happy when I saw October 2014 EPS TOPIK passer list. Now I’m a passer officially. Now myself and anyone else can see my name on OEC website. 187 applicants passed this month. So now 1006 applicants have passed the test. Now on Monday they will send my medical reports to OEC and if report show that I’m fit then I’ll be able to submit application for job.


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