Awareness is Pain

“Kiya Zaroorat kih bakhabar thehrein, Aagayi bhi azab hoti hai”. That’s Urdu poetry and its English translation is that there is no need to be aware, awarness is pain. In that poetry awareness has a bit different meaning. Awareness means knowing about what people actually think about you, awareness means that how much you’re surrounded by selfish and insincere people. That’s why they say that writing is painful because writing gives awareness. Awareness about many hurting facts and realities. Not sometimes but most of times is unawareness seems like blessing. Don’t you think that? I believe that awareness is blessing if you’re surrounded by unaware people. If you’re surrounded by cruel and dishonest people. Yeah, its right that awareness is pain.


2 thoughts on “Awareness is Pain”

  1. I think don’t worry what others think … Write what is in your heart and pray that it helps others – that is the theory. Sometimes it is harder than others. Cheers.

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