Wrong Turn 4 and 5

Few days ago I watched Wrong Turn 4 and 5 both. Not same day. I loved them especially 5. Sad ending suck in Wrong Turn 5. No one could survive. Same happened in 4. First part of Wrong Turn is my most favorite horror movie ever. I love how they show nature and quietness in those films. Otherwise thats so scary. I dont want any bad ass killers there. But you can imagine beauty and peace of those places they showed in the movies. I’m sure you guys would love to dream to have a camping there. I do. Wrong Turn 6 has released too so am curious and waiting to watch this beauty too. Guys, I need recommendation. I had been off from internet for long time so new better idea that which movie would be cool for me. So suggestions are most welcomed.


4 thoughts on “Wrong Turn 4 and 5”

  1. Oh, the last two horror/suspense I watched were Babadook and Ouija. Then two Emma Thompson movies. Have you watched Insidious? 😀

  2. Yes, I love Insidious. There’s a 2nd part. And, the 3rd’s on the way. Then, there is The Conjuring from the same director.

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