I knew that I had passed Korean language test and how much score I obtained but it wasn’t confirmed officially. But now not only I know my Korean Skills Test score but also I know my EPS TOPIK score that is 144/200. I scored higher marks in reading part “80/100″ and “64/100″ in listening.  The score will have been valid for two years. In that duration I can expect a job offer from Korean any moment. Lets hope for better. Past years were tensed especially past months that affected me deeply. I’ve been taking time recover but hopefully and thankfully I’m coming back to my life again. I had lost control. But things changing now. I’m getting strength and energy again. I’m getting back my faith in God and myself. Who knows what happen next but I’m quite excited about Korea thing.

I need some shocks. Some happy shocks. lol. I’ve been watching movies lately and I’ll be back with reviews. I’ve watched some very nice films in past days which I gonna share with you guys. I’m feeling like that I’m just out of a long prison. Thanks God that weather is very nice these days. Cold at night but sunny at day. Have a good day, guys 🙂



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