Gone Girl-Movie That Scared Me

Omg. Few days ago I watched Gone Girl that scared me like a horror movie lol. Honestly serial and other psycho killers haven’t scared me as much as this film has. Women thing bring a soft and polite sense to me but that girl is totally gone girl lol. First when I was watching the movie, I thought Ben was real mess but in middle of story I came to know that I was wrong. “Complicated is code word for bitch” lol. Its Sunday, weekend time so you guys should watch a movie to have fun and I think Gone Girl would be best choice for it. A movie which contains love, romance, thrill and horror etc together. women and men gonna enjoy that one equally I think.

I watched another movie but I don’t think so that it worth reviewing. But I’m loving share my thoughts regarding Gone Girl. Its enough for today. Next post will be about The Captive…Have an awesome weekend, guys


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