Happy Birthday To Myslef-29

O yeah. I’m 29 today, not officially but its my real birthday. I’ve entered a new year to my life and soon we all will enter a new year to the world. I decided to spend my birthday in a different way so I went by a stream with my cousin and took some shots. Here are lovely photos which you gonna enjoy I’m sure. Its holidays too so happy holidays to everyone who enjoying them. Best wishes and prayers13793_10202486986610806_1711405923092884910_n 1016327_10202486983130719_8290925871859532650_n 1964890_10202486977010566_2957994331349931584_n 10153717_10202486982050692_5669767400705956340_n 10250082_10202486975970540_8553254671822091948_n 10304344_10202486975330524_260848229133015736_n 10325621_10202486987730834_182294706824997608_n 10338761_10202486984850762_8357184780061397404_n 10354817_10202486977690583_7027343627052995472_n 10372152_10202486984090743_7041173628715609008_n 10384273_10202486975690533_1423419940729978780_n 10402724_10202486978130594_3989186107662714282_n 10403588_10202486988970865_2796374783368051316_n 10419542_10202486984410751_3860001477489706326_n 10421636_10202486985850787_8322265567622058963_n 10458125_10202486978610606_7194340626277163253_n 10509719_10202486979210621_16220483640490652_n 10635774_10202486987210821_3926782621173798566_n 10858628_10202486988490853_2201751688439847733_n 10882239_10202486978170595_967421205172515801_n 10885483_10202486976930564_7854068693935475090_n 10885527_10202486976210546_6766817996385855396_n


11 thoughts on “Happy Birthday To Myslef-29”

  1. I am always intrigued by what’s going on in your life. Your smile is very handsome. Creative stone and sand writing. I wish I could like this 29x since all your photos are nice but the ones of you are my favorite! 😉

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