I Wept…Happy New Year 2015

Yeah. Yesterday I wept. I cried. I wanted to cry. I think 2014 was most difficult and challenging year of my life that made me cry many times. Thats so hard for a man. Men dont cry but when they cry, it means something big happens. I cried for my two kittens who I gave to a stranger guy because I wasn’t well able to take care of them because I live in a fucking hell society. Maybe I weren’t that much sad for them if I’d have known that they are in safe hands because they had a tough life with me. I tried to do something better for them. Today I can understand parents again. First time I did when my kitten died. I don’t know thats my weakness or attachment to them that I miss them that much. Even their family including their mom and kittens haven’t cared and haven’t missed them but I do. That changed me, changed my thoughts and my views. I’m feeling so week. Happy New Year, guys. I pray that 2015 may bring happiness and pleasure in our lives.


8 thoughts on “I Wept…Happy New Year 2015”

  1. It’s good to cry… you are not the only one. You have held too much in. If you feel down and miserable, talk to a friend to make you feel better. A friend listens, then you listen to your friend back. 🙂 Or even talk to someone completely unknown about something…

    Nafees, hope you find more happiness in the this year and in the coming years as well. Take care.

  2. Dear Nafees,

    I wanted to send hugs your way, your blog always puts a smile on my face. Here we are, another year another bunch of dreams and wishes…all the best!

    Cate x

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