In memory of my sweetest cat, RIP

With every moment passing, pain is increasing. You were like light in my dark nights. You were like shadow in my sunny days. You were like music in my silent life. How huge space you presence had in my soul and still have, it can be feel now after you’ve left. You were special so special feelings I feel for you. You build me with your lively presence but your deadly absence has broken me. That broke me badly. Nothing can replace you. Not only me but anyone who saw you loved you because you were purely lovable and adorable.  You’ve stolen smile from my lips. I can’t hear you, I can’t see you but still I can feel even its painful but I can’t help with it.


7 thoughts on “In memory of my sweetest cat, RIP”

  1. It’s tough. I’ve been there before having lost both cats and puppies. Grieve and then after some time, get another one. Pets provide us with unlimited love and in return, we must shower them with affection, too. Stay well, my friend.

  2. Wonderfully stated. I’m very sorry for your loss and the hole it leaves in your heart. Some of the pain will ease in time and please know, the fantastic happy memories are yours forever. Let them make you smile.

  3. Hey Nafees, one of my cats passed this morning. I know how it feels. Are you doing okay? You haven’t posted in a while. Hope you’re feeling better. It takes a while, I know.

    1. oh I’m really really sorry. RIP. I can understand that what you have been feeling. I’ve been busy. One of other cats had been missing few days ago but thanks God that she had come back after two days. She was at neighbor’s. Thanks

      1. That’s awesome to hear your other cat turned-up well at your neighbors. 🙂 It’s good to keep busy and be productive. Glad to see you’re doing better.

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