Visit To Village….

Two days ago I went village and enjoyed a lot. Met friends and villagers. It was amazing to see places again which were so important in my life. 25 years of my life lived there. It was nice to feel them again. Those hills, plains, playground, streets, fields etc all are familiar to my soul and heart. I miss that. I miss that innocent life. I miss that peace and satisfaction I had.

But I’m thankful to God for what He given me in return. Moving from village was a loss of my life but necessity too so I dont regret. But I regret why I didnt have my cam with me when I visited the village. More I’m happy to back here on wp again. wish you an awesome weekend, guys


4 thoughts on “Visit To Village….”

  1. Sorry, I am not usually so long away from your posts. I used to be so caught up with you. Take care and hope God will bless you and sorry about the places you miss, too.

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