Man of Steel

Few days ago I watched Man of Steel and loved. British actor starred as Superman. WOW another British actor working in Hollywood. Nice story and good work by director and actors. Overall Thats a good. After liking the film, I also watched Superman Returns but honestly I didn’t like it much. If were a teenage again then maybe I like Superman Returns but at age of 30, I can’t like a movie like that. Movies I’ve been waiting for long time, are The Transporter Reloaded, Mission Impossible Rouge Nation, Terminator, Hitman Agen 47, Fantastic Four etc. I will must watch them. Bad thing with Transporter movie is that no Jason Statham and am afraid that minus Jason Statham formula won’t work. Lets see…


6 thoughts on “Man of Steel”

  1. Hello my darling little brother,

    How are you going? 🙂 I love Jason Stratham movies, he is such a cool actor, right?
    Do you like Steven Segal? I’ve just finished watching 3 of his movies called:
    Maximum Conviction 2
    Force Of Execution

    You may have already seen them, if not check them out? They are full of action.
    Love to you. Big Sis xxx

    1. hi big sis, long time no see. I hope your depression is gone. and hows sakura? No jason is a great guy. Steven is my childhood crush lol yeah I’ve watched those ones. Thanks. Have an awesome eve

      1. Thought you may have, you have good taste! 🙂 I’m really well, thank you!
        As I’m typing this to you Sakura is sitting on my knee watching the screen!! She’s so cute. Hugs xxxx

    1. spuerman returns didnt impress me much. seagal was one of my most fav stars. jason is action king and transporter is a great hollywood action thriller.

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