Man of Steel

Few days ago I watched Man of Steel and loved. British actor starred as Superman. WOW another British actor working in Hollywood. Nice story and good work by director and actors. Overall Thats a good. After liking the film, I also watched Superman Returns but honestly I didn’t like it much. If were a teenage again then maybe I like Superman Returns but at age of 30, I can’t like a movie like that. Movies I’ve been waiting for long time, are The Transporter Reloaded, Mission Impossible Rouge Nation, Terminator, Hitman Agen 47, Fantastic Four etc. I will must watch them. Bad thing with Transporter movie is that no Jason Statham and am afraid that minus Jason Statham formula won’t work. Lets see…


6 thoughts on “Man of Steel

  1. Hello my darling little brother,

    How are you going? ๐Ÿ™‚ I love Jason Stratham movies, he is such a cool actor, right?
    Do you like Steven Segal? I’ve just finished watching 3 of his movies called:
    Maximum Conviction 2
    Force Of Execution

    You may have already seen them, if not check them out? They are full of action.
    Love to you. Big Sis xxx

    • spuerman returns didnt impress me much. seagal was one of my most fav stars. jason is action king and transporter is a great hollywood action thriller.

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