All Is Well-Bollywood

All Is Well…Acting, story, songs, direction, dance…All is well. Not much great and blockbuster type but most favorite Bollywood piece of art watched this year I guess. For an Indian or a Pakistani, it could be a great fiction. Maybe it wont that much nice but it was for me. An awesome Eid eve is about to end…

I watched the movie weeks ago but still I’ve love for it. Actually I watched many Hollywood movies in past weeks but you know a Bollywood piece could be perfect because our problems and dreams are same. But western citizen cant understand or cant feel what we can, people living in India or Pakistan. Last night I watching Mission Impossible Rogue Nation. WOW. A great piece of art by Hollywood in 2015. More I loved Oldboy Hollywood version and Self/less. You guys should watch them. I’m sure they will rock your weekend. Have a great weekend 🙂