Avengers-I Fell in Love With Sci Fi

Yeah its true that in past I didn’t liked and watched sci fi movies except Avatar, Edge of Tomorrow, Fantastic Four. Even I knew that Avengers is a blockbuster which rocked not only Hollywood box office but others too. But I didn’t wanna watch that one then I few weeks ago I watched it and regretted that why I didn’t watch it earlier. Actually in developing or undeveloped societies people don’t like sci fi movies much. That’s not their taste but surely in developed countries and societies like America, Australia, Europe etc people more love sci fi. Societies like Pakistan and India more love action, romance and comedy. Things they don’t have in their real lives.


But you know sometimes our mind isn’t ready for something so I think in past my mind and soul wasn’t prepared for sci fi movies but now things are different so am enjoying. I watched other sci fi movies too but here I would discuss Avengers just.

First I thought all super and marvel heroes wont impress and inspire me but it did. All over the world people loved the movie and am sure all of you would have loved Avengers too. All heroes together protecting humanity and fighting againt evil. That was super awesome to see so I enjoyed a lot. If you’re a movie lover and still you’ve not watched Avengers then you gotta watch this one. Otherwise you would regret later. Next time I ll write about other sci fi I watched and loved.