Depression Has Been A Huge Challenge For Me

Many reasons caused only huge and massive challenge for me which is depression. I’ve been fighting and most of myself has recovered and back into the game but still its not 100%. But I’m sure that soon I will be out of the problem. I couldn’t get rid of problems and reasons those cause depression inside my soul and mind but I’ve got strength enough to fight back. That wasn’t possible in last couple of years. Years of struggle and no success, made me feel down then depression destroyed me. But now again I can feel fresh air…I’m hopeful that things will get right and better for me again…


23 thoughts on “Depression Has Been A Huge Challenge For Me”

  1. Oh sweet little brother, I haven’t been around to know of your troubles.

    Life will get better, sometimes things happen and it’s hard for us to understand why. Especially when we had bigger dreams and hopes for our lives, right? But, you are here and getting well and that’s worth more than anything else. Your family and friends and us here love you for you. I understand your Depression as you know I have the same struggles. Things will get better, little brother. Look at what’s all around you that costs nothing. The sun, moon, stars and everything that nature has given us. It’s all there for us to love and find a reason to smile. Your not nothing, your someone special to many people.

    Your in my thoughts. Hugs Big Sis xxxx

    1. thanks a lot, big sis. I’ve been recovering and its really nice to feel life again. I’m sure soon I ll be alright totally. nature is fair and free. yeah right we can get energy from nature around us.

  2. I may not know how deep depression may have affected you but I am glad to know that you are on your way to your recovery. I hope that you will always remember that there are people who cares and love you and feel your pain. Life is indeed beautiful and I hope you will always experience and embrace it. My prayer is for you. God bless always!

    1. thanks a lot. You’re like your id; shine positive power. Your words are full of power and energy for readers. I appreciate your kindness and wishes for me. Yeah life is awesome but sometimes we cant feel its beauty. Nice people are great gift for us by God. God bless you too

  3. All of us feel depression at a point of our life, but what we do next to recover and feel alive again makes us different from one another. Your being vocal with what you had been through just shows how strong you are now. Being fully recovered isn’t defined by being problem-free because problems will always come along our way, so in shaa Allah make each day a better day by facing each problem with hope and strength.

    1. yeah you’re so right. we all face problems and challenges. Even my whole life has been full of challenges but past years I lost my balance and courage to fight. I got weakened. But now recovering that is a good thing. Now I could face the challenges well. Thanks a lot, Najmah. Have an awesome weekend

  4. Nafees, so sorry you have had problems, struggling with depression and daily challenges. Sending you hope and peaceful spirits. I had lost professional job, house we built, marriage and good friend died in 2008. I can relate to some of what you have gone through.

      1. My life is simpler, a one bedroom apt, family visits and work at a car parts warehouse. It is not a dream job but it pays yhe bills. Thanks for staying in touch now. Pleas know I prayed for uou, now will continue to do so. Missed you and hope to see some movie reviews, Nafees. You are a good writer.

      2. aw thanks a lot. even your life is simple but I’m sure it has happiness and satisfaction and its what we want.again thanks for prayers. I pray for you too. I ll write some movie reviews. I watched several movies in past days so much to write.Have a good time

  5. Hey Nafees, sorry to hear you’re not feeling so well. I have dealt with similar things in the past. My relationship with Jesus is what always helps me endure hardships. I am not sure if you read the Bible, but I wanted to send you a link to an online Bible that I think would be a good read for you; especially when you’re not feeling so well.

    The link I am sending is Psalms and you can also read any of the other books in the Bible on this site, as well. Hope you’ll be feeling better soon. Just know that Jesus died on the cross for us so that we can overcome hard circumstances in this life and attain everlasting life and be in Heaven with Jesus in the next life.

    God bless.

    1. Thanks a lot, Gary. I really appreciate your kindness and concern. Relationship with God matters and helps us to dealt with challenges. I’m trying to focus and concentrate. I’m sure He’s with me, He always was and will be. Again thanks.

  6. Nafees, been there done that. It sucks. Personally had all kinds of crap going through my head when I was younger. Life sucks! But you gotta go on, no matter what. Me I finally got mad at being depressed, basically said to myself to knock it off. Depression is a pity party that nobody wants to come to, eat lots of chocolate and Pepsi. That always changed my mood. Stay strong my friend, I promise it does it better just press on.

    1. aw thanks lot, my friend. Your words mean a lot. I really appreciate and respect your kindness and concern. Thanks God that I’ve been recovering and mostly recovered I am. So sorry to know about pain in your past but its good that now you’re not in that trouble anymore. same here. Again thanks and have a great Sunday 🙂

      1. true words, sir. I agree. No doubt pain is normal but sometimes pain becomes unbearable. Thats a worst state too. Proud to have people like you in my online life.

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