911 VS Benghazi

Directly none of my business and indirectly it is. I’m talking about election in states. Today I watched Jeb Bush on CNN. He was saying that Obama and Hilary Clinton are responsible for Benghazi thing. I dont know about much. The anchor said to Bush “If Obama and Mrs Clinton are responsible for Benghazi then why your brother isnt responsible for 911?. That made sense to me. Thousands of people died in 911 attack and they didnt accept that it was security thing too that few Al Qaeda people came to states and they did that much even US secret services couldnt detect them. 911 is biggest terror attack of human history. No comparison with Benghazi if I’m right.  I think I shouldnt write this down but just checking my skills and wisdom lol Only American readers can better tell that the anchor raised a sensible question. I hope you guys enjoying your weekend


7 thoughts on “911 VS Benghazi”

  1. I think we need to be careful about blaming anyone. Sometimes mistakes are made but no President is responsible for everything. They are on a “team” with advisors who may be responsible more than the President. I would like to see Hillary Clinton or Bernie who is a socialist. I just forgot his last name! Take care and you have a right to express opinions and I agree to most of what you say. 🙂

  2. I understand your logic. However, there are differences, with 9/11 attack in country, those that died that day thought they were safe. They were at home on their own soil. No one knew to ask for more security. It was like a Trojan Horse.

    1. yeah you’re right about. but governments and authorities are more responsible to protect at home and domestic level. if someone isnt safe in his home then how he would be safe somewhere else. whatever. I pray best for American people. God bless America

  3. (didn’t mean to click off so quick). Anyway as I was saying, we thought we were safe. It was catastrophic, and its hard to point a finger at anyone for what happened and how except at those that carried it off. We are certainly more on guard against it now. And that is the difference with Benghazi. We were supposed to have learned our lessons from the first 9/11. No, Benghazi was not nearly the same scale. The difference? Help was ask for……by our Ambassador from the State Dept. of which Hillary Clinton led and from Barack Obama. The request for help was denied, more than once. Had we known ahead of time our Towers and Pentagon and another target were going to be attacked and help or protection was requested and denied as in Benghazi; we would definitely be screaming for answers until we got them…….or worse; all of Washington D.C. would have been burned down and it would not have come from terrorist.

    1. yeah its their fault that why they didnt accept and acknowledged the request. Four lives lost. Every life matters. Thats like crime so they should clear things. But I dont know why they took so easy, if they care about other nationals then why they took so easy american lives. thanks a lot for explaining things. Nearly all of my american friends including best friends, dont like Obama’s policies lol But I like him for his policies. Again I say that I hope and wish best for States and its people because most of my best buddies are Americans. You know three years ago I applied for US student visa but got denied. Americans are my most favorite nation on the earth but america with gun violence isnt my favorite. That scares me. Again thanks for your time and detailed comment 🙂 Have a good time.

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