India VS South Africa 3rd ODI- In Progress

I’ve been enjoying cricket series between India and South Africa. Rain ruined 3rd T20 but first two T20s were awesome. Thats same about ODIs. Now 3rd is in progress.  I should have wait for result but I thought I was late to write about the series.

Positive thing for India that they are playing with home ground and home crowd. On the other hand positive thing for Proteas (SA) that they won the toss and chose to bat first. Everyone knows they cant chase well. They experimented Miller on open. Thats a good thing. Hes a great batsmen but he gets just few overs in every match like t20 situation and it wasnt fair with such a quality player. Surely Indians are missing Ashwin but no doubt they got spin attack. Lets see what will be the result. I guess SA will win.  My guess is after most recent update SA 75/1 in 15 overs. Miller has gone. I’m sure cricket lovers will see a great battle in this game. Indians love cricket so even after some threats huge numbers of spectators are enjoying the match. Have a great weekend


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