Cricket- Pak-Eng and SA-Ind

Firstly I would talk about test match between Pakistan and England. Even the match drawn but English team got moral victory. In next match they will be confident and dominant. Pakistan played defensive so England took the charge. But also English team should aware that in next test destructive Yasir Shah will be in.  Bilal Asif or Saeed Ajmal are also expected to join the team. So we can hope that second test will show a result.

Regarding India vs South Africa ODI last day. As I predicted Proteas won the battle. Credit goes to De Kock and M Morkrel. AB and Dhoni battle. No doubt MS is a great captain and batsman. But I dont know why he couldnt defend his team even on his home grounds. I think hes a bit depressed and tensed because of IPL scandal. They suspended CSK and RR for a year or more. Now South Africans seem favorite to win the series and India will have to work hard to win in next matches. They have lost their confidence. whatever but next matches will be so fun for viewers and spectators. But surely it will create a great tensions for teams lol



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