Eng vs Pak-2nd Test 3rd Day

Last night I couldnt write what happened last day in the world of cricket. Yesterday remained Pakistan day. Pak bowlers attacked Eng batsmen from different angles and then they got them. Especially Wahab Riaz who took Joe Root, most dangerous Eng batsman. Then Yasir Shah destroyed rest of their batting line.

It was raining last night. Heavy and thundering rain so I couldnt get near my pc lol So this morning I’m writing about what happened yesterday. As Pak bowlers dominated so did Pak batsmen. Misbah and Younus gave a confident start. More also we cant forget Hafeez for how he punished Eng seamers. We can predict that Pak will win the test but we cant be 100% certain about in the game of cricket. More here we have English team whos 3rd in ICC test ranking and recently they ruined Australians in Ashes. But Pakistan is taking credit of being at home grounds. UAE is like home for PCB. Another great battle today is India vs South Africa. Have a great weejkend


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