India vs South Africa-5th ODI at Mumbai

So Proteas won the match and made history. They not only won but first time they defeated ODI series to India in India. Most of credit goes to ABD. De Cock has become a nightmare for Indian bowlers.

Today I wont talk about what happened in Dubai test between Eng and Pak but I would like to write about what happen in Mumbai. Also I regret that I couldnt watch the match live because internet was slow. But surely I will watch the highlights.

ABD, De Cock and Faf made a history. Record highest score against opposition like India in India. Even no one can think about that. Luckily proteas won the toss and then used beauty of the pitch which was so suitable for batting. You can say that it is a bad luck with Proteas that they couldnt set highest total ever even they had chance to do that with West Indies. Still Sri Lanka is on top but Sri Lankan made the record against Netherlands. Whatever guys, if you love cricket then you gotta watch this match. I hope you enjoyed weekend.


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