India vs South Africa-1st Test 2nd Day

I wrote earlier that it would happen same in Ind-SA case what happened in Eng-Pak case. India took advantage of home ground in test match. A pitch which is really suitable for spinners. Western players including South Africans cant play spin well especially on Asian pitches. On the other hand Indian and Pakistani batsmen can play spin well. Thats what you watched in UAE and its what you would watch in India. ABD fought back well but at last Mishra deceived him with beauty. I predict that India will win the test match but anything can happen as its game of cricket.

ABD, Faf and Amla are great batsmen who play in all conditions against all oppositions. in 2nd inning India is in strong position. But you can see on figures all proteas were out by Indian spinners only. But proteas spinners are no threat for Indian batsmen but pacers especially Rabada and Philander. I think Proteas should replace Styn with Abbot or Morris.



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