Why Whole World Stood With Victims in Paris?

On social media I saw few posts from my Muslim brothers including some sensible ones that why whole world has stood with victims of terror in Paris but people dont show that much respect for Muslims being victim of terror in Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Burma etc?

You know why is that? An American dentist had been in great trouble, just because he legally killed a lion in Zimbabwe. On the other hand, I watched on Dunya tv two days ago that many people in Rahim Yaar Khan protested that Arab princes should be allow to kill rare and vital birds in Pakistan. If you dont respect others’ lives then how your life can be worthy? But still western people have great respect and sympathy for victims of terror in Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan etc.

You Pakistani people know that how a common Pakistani has been treated. People are getting killed in name of honor, persons are being killed by public in public, a weak person cant survive in the society etc then you how you can compare yourself with western people who great respect all around the world. Why you people are dying to go to West? Why Syrian people are migrating to Europe, Australia, America, Canada but not to Saudi Arabia, Iran, UAE, Qatar etc? Refugees feel safe in West but not in East. So respect to people those who respect you. No one has right to kill innocent and unarmed people. God bless the world.



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