Terror Attack on Pakistani University

dozens of innocent people died in coward terror attack RIP Even in second world war people were safe in hospitals and universities if I’m right. Its so bad people arent safe anywhere. Even things like that didnt happen in world wars. I dont know what will be future of this world but it seems worse. God bless the whole world 😦


2 thoughts on “Terror Attack on Pakistani University”

  1. It doesn’t matter if it happens in Lebanon, France or Pakistan…or….
    It has nothin’ to do with faith…(as some people would say)..
    Is has all to to with love (for eachother)… trying to find all beautiful things in someone.
    For ‘them’ it has all to do about having power….
    Trying to kill education….
    Trying to kill history..(by destroying artifacts/museums)
    Trying to make fear
    And the best medicine against fear is love!!

    1. yeah you’re absolutely right. Love is magic but I think some people dont deserve it especially who have guns and bombs to kill innocent people. Have a great weekend, Jean

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