Sanam Teri Kasam 2016

“Sanam Teri Kasam”  made me cry last night.
I’ve no idea that it was movie or my unnecessary sensitivity that I cried that much. I can understand that why they make sad ending movies but why people like them, I dont get it. Even sad ending but still the movie worth watching because story is awesome, film director worked awesomely and actors supported him so well.


7 thoughts on “Sanam Teri Kasam 2016”

    1. No, you were not. I think thats the movie which can make cry anyone who has heart. You can say never a movie or story made me cry that as much as it did. Maybe with time I’ve got more sensitive but still we cant say that it wasnt movie. Very nice but sad ending story as most of them are you know. Same about Sanam Re.

      1. I haven’t seen Sanam re..but I absolutely fell in love with sanam Teri kasam. a beautiful movie with talented actors and a nicely executed story.. the cute little innocent moments of saraswati and inder just stole my heart and took my breath away

      2. yeah sanam teri kasam is best bollywood romantic movie of 2016 I think and believe so. Sanam Re is good one, not like sanam teri kasam but still good to watch, again sad ending 😦 Inder is a great actor, is it his first one?

      3. the girl is experienced Pakistani drama actress so you expect her from that. But never watched inder on screen so his work deserves more appreciation I think.

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