Hush…ohhh myyy goshhh

I’m talking about horror movie Hush. Its trailer thrilled and clicked me. In those days I watched another horror movie The Boy which is fantastic so I thought Hush would be like that. But it wasnt like that.

I couldnt like Hush that much. I think it wasnt me but its film director who made that film. I loved first scene when they showed a jungle, woods and woods, a wooden house among them. It was so touch. I always wanna live in a place like that but surely none wants a nightmare like that there.

I watched the Hush for few minutes then I quit to watch because I got bored. There was so dark and you can say unnecessarily dark so you cant enjoy that film. Otherwise story and idea of the film is good but they couldnt represent it well, maybe they wanted to save their money or something. Just three or four characters. Two leading characters. One location to make whole film. At the end I wont suggest Hush for you guys so dont waste your time.


7 thoughts on “Hush…ohhh myyy goshhh”

  1. The easiest (read: cheapest) way to make a Horror movie is: shoot the film in the dark.
    I love when a movie is shoot in the Woods, like ‘Deliverance’ (a true classic thriller with Burt Reynolds) and ‘The Wrong Turn’ a true horror/thriller.
    Thanx, so I wouldn’t wast my time.

    1. thanks for commenting and sharing your review. But honestly I got bored. Maybe it was just me. still I think The Boy is much better than Hush.

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