The Purge Movie Review

Last year ago or more I watched The Purge trailer but didnt like it and didnt want to watch the movie. But few days ago I watched horror movie Hush and write about it here then another WP friend Poet Rummager recommended The Purge so I decided to watch it.

When I watched the film, I loved it and enjoyed it a lot so am so thankful to Poet Rummager for suggesting such a nice movie with a unique idea. Ethan Hawke is awesome always.

I wont appreciate or support the law they introduced in The Purge even the screenwriter and filmmaker havent liked that idea but they just showed that what it would happen if they legalize The Purge. Oh My God…so scary that is even to imagine I think. I apprecaite how the screenwriter represented the idea of good and humanity. I’m not hesitant to recommend that movie. You guys can watch and enjoy 🙂


5 thoughts on “The Purge Movie Review

  1. Ah, you did watch it! I thought you might like it, and I also enjoy Ethan Hawke. You’ve seen him in Sinister, right? There’s a 1997 movie he starred in with his ex-wife, Uma Thurman called Gattaca. It’s pretty good if you haven’t seen it.

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