A Street Cat Named Bob

extremely disappointed when looked for A Street Cat Named Bob and found that it will be released on Nov 4 lol Honestly cant wait and desperate to see. Yesterday when I was searching for nice movies to watch then I found a trailer of that British film. I liked trailer. So at once i started to surf to find the film that I could watch it but all in vain. Then found that A Street Cat Named Bob gonna be released next month. Not so far surely enough for me to watch such an awesome piece of art I think. adorable kittie they showed in the trailer. I hope you would have liked if you have watched already but if not then you can watch and can “brush your teeth” for some recreational moments when it will be released.

What a coincidence that novelist name is James and leading character of the novel and film is James too. Rarely things like that happen. Every cat lover would have watched this movie I am sure about this thing. Heart touching story describing a sensational relationship between a human and an animal. Everyone acted well even Bob did his job awesomely.