The Green Mile

After a long long time a movie left a great effect on me like that. wow. Amazing. Superb and fabulous. I wasn’t just watching that movie but I was in there, feeling and feeling deeply. Almost cried. Conclusion sucked a bit, I wanted better even it was somehow. Like Avatar, The Shawshank Redemption etc, again I regret that why I didn’t watch The Green Mile before. But still its not too late to get precious emotional feeling which I hadn’t for years I believe.

The Green Mile is a movie which you can watch again and again but still can enjoy. Everyone acted so well and story is awesome and direction as well. For years, I’ve a routine that I don’t watch a movie a second time but this one is which can force me to do it again and maybe again.

For me, miracles weren’t fiction but noble attitude by jail officials was. Incredible character and moral values they showed. Heart touching and very human. If you’re confused and not sure to pick a movie then even if you’ve watched The Green Mile, I suggest to watch it again. You won’t get bored I’m sure.