Rambo Last Blood Trailer Review

couple of days ago I saw Rambo Last Blood trailer on YouTube and I was so excited. When that starts and Sylvester Stallion voice over starts too. Wow that was superb. From First Blood to Last Blood it’s a quite long journey which himself and viewers have been. I was expecting more than that what they showed in the trailer.

I think the filmmaker tried to earn more by spending very less because almost all action film lovers must gonna see Rambo Last Blood because they have been in “long term relationship “ with this series. Also new generation gonna give it a look at least. So film producer made an effort with less money or maybe he or they were afraid of action movies box office collections. That’s a risky a business if you don’t have right skills. James Cameroon made sequel of famous sci fi thriller The Terminator starring Arnold but I’m sure the movie gonna earn way more than Rambo sequel. Professionalism and skills matter you know. I will wait for both films desperately. I’m sure you guys do as well. Have a nice weekend