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I was aspiring screenwriter but couldn't get into Hollywood so started article writing as passion and profession too. I'm scary judge of film things and love to write about films related stuffs. An actor can't stop itself to act and a writer can't be stopped to write.

Hitch: Relationship Tips

Writing after long long time. I’ve not seen  a movie for several weeks. But just things came into my mind about romantic comedy Hitch when I started to search on OKCupid. Even Will Smith would fail on OKC lol Honestly, its tough to date online.

I dont think so that Hitch movie tips and tricks for relationship thing gonna work on an online dating site like OKCupid or any other.  But you can just get in touch with a person to tell that hi I live near you blah blah if you interested then meet me. Otherwise things won’t go farther.

More in past years uncertain situations and rumors spread all around the world. People have got scared to trust I think. So even you follow Will Smith rules still you can’t be successful. Or you imagine a situation like The Mountain Between Us movie where Idris Elba does his best to impress Kate Winslet. No, man. You can\t do that 😀 But thats what most of women expect though. Not easy or even impossible to find straight forward persons who mean what they say.

Life isnt romantic comedy but its romantic tragedy. Thats what I have experienced most of my life. Different people live different lives so you guys won’t agree with me, these are my cards and its what I got. You can’t blame yourself all the time even if you’re being too realistic. They say that they are day dreamers but they are not, trust me.