Your Heaven-Where That Is?

A place where you love and enjoy reading a book. Thats your heaven. I had my heaven in my village. I miss that. I was book worm you can say. Finishing a novel or a book was my habit. 25 years I lived in heaven then I came to the town. I even not read…

Checkbooks and Textbooks

Our problem is that our people read only two types of books; textbooks and checkbooks. They wont change that way. If they have to change themselves then they have to change types of their books too. I’m not talking about most of western societies because they love to read books even this modern and electronic…

Pain Cultivates

“Pain cultivates our souls”. 11.11.2014 When God wants something to grow out of us then He gives us pain. Different people react different. But all of them get changed. Some become better and some become worse to pay back. But its a fact that pain changes us. That quote came into my mind when I…


“Its not a problem that you’ve nothing. Problem is that you’ve no one”. Sept 20, 2014 “Ye masla nein k aap key pas kuch nein. Masla yeh hai k aap ka koi nein”. Sept 21, 2014  By me

Fighter and Writer

“You know whats beauty of being a fighter that even others’ punches won’t hurt you. But you know whats wrong with being a writer that even others’ expressions can hurt you”. By me on 18th November 2013