Looking For…

we all want different things on different occasions. That means we change a bit with time as they say that people change with time. But few things are constant which they need us on daily basis. we cant live or cant survive without them. Or we cant better survive without them. Love or relationship is one of those things. Feeling to be loved or loving someone is strongest feeling you can ever have. Men can love any woman and women can like any man but they would make a relationship with only one they trust. So you can say that relationship starts and remains with trust. Trust develops love. So I need a relationship. I’m clever enough because I know that if I get relationship, I will get love and trust as well 😉

Being with someone you trust and who trusts you, makes you feel strong enough. Satisfied and energetic. You know that single people die sooner because they live a messy life. But relationships make your life organized and focused. You get a path to walk, you get a destination to look forward, you get a hard to feel calm night. How much tensed you’re and what time it is, you can share it with your partner. But you cant do that with others.

What else I can say more except that if you’ve a relationship then enjoy and take care of it. But you dont have a relationship like me then try to get it as soon as possible 🙂 Wish you all the best.