Mind blowing Mind Hunter A Netflix Series

I never been into series or shows and it’s what I told to my cousin yesterday but he insisted that I watch Mind Hunter and if I’m right it was second time that he encouraged me to see this series.

So last night I watched a bit and today I have finished several episodes. So interesting and engaging. Though interactions with serial killers but also happy endings in sequence. That’s amusing and my favourite too.

I would appreciate writer who wrote such an awesome story and director’s work deserves appreciation as well who better showed 70s age in this century.

Pair of FBI agent is very interesting. Young agent’s love story and relationship makes story more entertaining and on the other hand senior agent’s not happy personal life is a fact as well. Their professionalism and commitment to their work is attractive for me.

I never watch full episode of a series because I’m movie geek, not a show person but Mind Hunter “hunted” me. A great weekend treat.