Birth of The Dragon- Bruce Lee Movie

“We’re not in a Monastery in China. This is America and in America we’ve winners or losers”.  Very interesting conversation between Steve Mckee (Billy Magnussen) and Wong Jack Man (Yu Xia) in Birth of The Dragon which is best of Bruce Lee movies I ever see. Actually that’s not Lee film but its about him.

Bruce Lee

Not just that discussion but there are many other meaningful and moral talks throughout the movie and I’m really impressed by Wong Jack Man. In short words, I would love to recommend that film because it worth watching. Not only action pr thrill but also you can enjoy romance and love in that movie. Philip Ng played the role very nicely. Amusing and fantastic to see Chinese traditions in modern America.

Birth of The Dragon- Bruce Lee True Story

Amazing thing is that I wasn’t not seeing a fiction but truth as they say so. Power of Kung Fu is astonishing. Inspiration film I saw in months or years. I have seen few Bruce Lee movies and in this one he’s not actually acting but related to him but it is on top of them. Rarely non fiction things amuse or entertain, even in a fictional form but this one did. Unexpected reviews about Birth of The Dragon film by critics. Also IMDb low rating 4.9 disappointed me. One of reviewers considered it a terrible movie. But I don’t agree with him. If that story is not true then the reviewer is right but otherwise none should rate such an awesome film. He suggested 0 of 10 but I’m not hesitant to give it 7 out of 10. I can be wrong but its what running on my mind after finishing it.

In beginning of Birth of The Dragon, I thought Wong Jack Man is a negative person who is jealous of Bruce Lee and he doesn’t Americans to learn kung fu. But in middle of the film Lee seemed a negative character to me but at last at the end things got in order and all went as I was expecting or any other movie buff would expect like. The movie is like a gift for martial art and karate fans.


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