Garfield-Masterpiece for Cat lovers

Years ago I watched Garfield movie and now I want to see it again. I miss my cats so I think it would help a lot see a film like that.

Also funny and comedic scenes can help feel relaxed as it would remind me of my cats. Aw I miss those kitty cuddles. People are luck who have cats with them.

Here in Busan there’s a cat near CU. I love to visit him. A coincidence is that he looks like Garfield and I named him Goldie. Whenever I pass by CU I must look for him. Most of people there love to spend time with him. Other cats run away when humans get close but he doesn’t. He greets us in typical kitty way. That’s so sweet.

Movies are fantasy and fiction that helps to feel what we can’t in real life. Though A Street Cat Named Bob is a cat story but it’s based on real story so no comedy. It’s weekend, Friday night, time to fun and chill. Movie time for sure.