Ethan Hawke Kevin Bacon Look Alike

Ethan Hawke Kevin Bacon Look AlikeAmerican actor and screenwriter Ethan Hawke got some similarity with another American actor Kevin Bacon. Recently I watched action movie Death Sentence and that thing came into my mind. That can be wrong and it is just my own point of view. I watched Kevin Bacon in other movies too such as Mystic River and Crazy, Stupid, Love etc but thing about similarity between Kevin Bacon and Ethan Hawke didn’t come into my mind. But after watching Death Sentence I felt that those guys got some similarity. Don’t you guys think that?

So many Hollywood and Bollywood stars look same. I’ve written various posts about this topic. One of my most favorite legend Hollywood actor Tom Hanks looks like Bollywood film legend Amir Khan. A long list you can find if this topic is gets explore. Google is full of mentioned and same examples.  Once I made a YouTube video and related famous Australian cricketer with Hollywood stunning celebrity Jennifer Lawrence but majority disliked this view of mine. More and more information can be found over the internet easily. Thing started with Ethan Hawke and Kevin Bacon similarity but we have discussed few other same faces too. Interesting discussion that is. Post is about great actor. I’m sure you guys would have liked most of Ethan Hawke movies especially Sinister starring Ethan Hawke and The Purge


6 thoughts on “Ethan Hawke Kevin Bacon Look Alike”

  1. That’s the funniest headline for a blog article I’ve seen on here! lol.

    And yes, they look a little similar; they look different in the face, but have the same facial bone structure – and similar haircuts.

  2. Interesting, Nafees. I like Kevin Bacon and see his sweet family man nature! He is a little blonde, too. Hi like how you think this, hope to come back and see some more posts! 🙂

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