Rockstar-Hardly I Could Stop Myself To Cry

Few days ago I watched Bollywood romantic movie second time and hardly I could stop myself to cry. First time years ago I quieted to watch the movie because it seemed sad ending and you guys know that I don’t like sad ending stories and movies. But that film took me away from real world and I was there while I was watching the film. I was feeling pain of those film characters. They couldn’t fight against society. Society won and it sucked. There is no doubt in this thing that Imtiaz Ali is really talented film director and screenwriter. He better knows feelings and emotions of a lover. Indian and Pakistani persons can enjoy that movie because they know Hindi and Urdu but an English speaker would need to find a dubbed movie or movie with subtitles. But I’m everyone with sensitive and romantic heart would love Rockstar. Especially if you know about Indian or Pakistani culture and society values then you couldn’t stop yourself to cry. Still I’ve not finished the movie because I know when I’ll reach ending of the film then story will be stopped but my eyes will start…


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